Study Reveals That E Cigarettes Do Not Impact Air Quality

The government has adopted a relatively liberal approach to vaping in the UK and thank goodness. This has contributed to a massive drop in the number of smokers nationwide. Sadly, the story is very different [...]

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It’s Official! Vaping Helps UK Smokers to Quit

Data released this summer by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealed that smoking has declined dramatically in the UK in recent years. Is this phenomenon linked to vaping? In 2010, 20.2% of the UK [...]

Which E Liquid Nicotine Strength is Right for You?

So, you have found some delicious e liquid flavours and you have got to the bottom of which base liquid ratio best suits your electronic cigarette. But which nicotine strength should you choose? There are [...]

Vaping Overseas – The Pitfalls for Travellers

There are now many vapers in the UK. So many, that vaping rarely raises any eyebrows. But it can be a very different story overseas. Some countries have placed restrictions on vaping and the sale [...]

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