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An Introduction to E Liquids

If you are yet to begin your vaping adventure, you might be feeling a little bamboozled! There’s a lot of jargon to navigate through and a few things that you really need to know in order to make the right choices. It certainly helps if you learn a little about e liquids.

Also known as juice, e juice, vape juice and sauce, amongst other things, eliquid is what makes vaping possible! E liquid is heated and vapourised by the coils in your device. You can then inhale the vapour and enjoy the resulting throat hit and nicotine dose. You also get to savour the flavour of your juice and you have plenty of amazing flavours to choose from here at Vape CUK.

E liquids feature a base liquid which will be a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG).  This is mixed with flavouring and also nicotine in a variety of concentrations. You are able to choose juice which has an appropriate base liquid for your device and vaping style, a flavour that you love and a nicotine concentration which satisfies your cravings.

In short, you have a world of choice and you will discover which e juice suits you best. You will have great fun working your way through the extensive menu of delicious flavours at your disposal and the way you vape will probably change over time. Keep reading to find out more about base liquids, nicotine and e liquid flavours.

Choice of Flavours

You will discover your favourites but there is always something new to try!

Choice of Bases

The various base liquid ratios deliver different vaping experiences

Nicotine Strengths

Choose the strength that best satisfies your nicotine cravings

Cool Brands

Fun and funky brands offering distinctive juice to enjoy

E Liquid Flavours

When you begin your vaping journey, you can look forward to enjoying an almost unlimited array of flavours. There are so many to choose from that you might initially find it difficult to decide which ones to try. If you are struggling to make your choices, think about the foods, drinks and treats that you really enjoy and look for those flavours. But bear in mind that you may be vaping the same flavour all day so something bright, refreshing and simple is always a good bet. If you are trying to quit smoking, tobacco flavours will taste comforting and familiar and minty juice always delivers a fresh and uplifting vape.

Fruity Juice

Fruit flavours are the most popular choices. They deliver vibrant vapes which never become overpowering. You will discover vape juice featuring the taste of just about every fruit that you think of together with vibrant cocktails of several fruits, often with a hint of the tropical. Citrus notes add freshness and zip to any eliquid and give them a sharper edge whilst mango, pineapple and berry flavours are much sweeter. Every flavour has something to offer and they are difficult to compare – just like apples and oranges!

Tobacco Flavours

Those trying to quit smoking often turn to tobacco e-liquids first. That familiar taste helps ease the cravings and there are a wide variety of tobacco vapes to sample. From mellow Virginia flavours to sharper American tobacco eliquids, you are sure to find something which satisfies. You are also able to sweeten things up a little with blends featuring caramel and vanilla.

Dessert E Liquids

tempting and moreish, dessert vapes will remind you of your favourite indulgences. But unlike a good old fashioned pud, dessert flavours do not have any calories. Weight gain has always been a side effect of quitting smoking but when you vape, you can indulge your taste buds without piling on the pounds. Will you be able to resist Eton Mess, Vanilla Custard and the other delights on our dessert menu?

Mint and Menthol Juice

If you smoked menthol cigarettes you will appreciate our mint and menthol flavours. Always fresh and uplifting, these vapes are often referred to as chilly or sub-zero! Some fruity juices have hints of mint or menthol to liven up proceedings and these flavours are always good to have in your collection.

The Best of the Rest

If you can taste it, you can vape it! There are amazing eliquids which recreate the flavours of your favourite hot and cold beverages, vapes which feature spices and a variety of weird and wonderful flavour combinations which can really hit the spot. Some collections offer e liquids based around a particular flavour, others produce juice with incredible names or enigmatic flavours. Sometimes you just have to suck it and see!


Base Liquids

As you can see, there is whole new world of flavour for you to explore. But it is important to understand base liquids before you start choosing your juice. These are simply the liquids to which flavouring and nicotine are added to create great vapes. Base liquids feature a combination of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) and the proportion of each varies from one eliquid to another. Most product listings and packaging will feature the details of the base liquid. These will say something like 80PG/20VG which simply means that the base is 80% propylene glycol and 20% vegetable glycerine. Simples!

The base liquid ratio is important because it will dictate the nature of the vaping experience and, in some cases, the type of device that the juice is compatible with. here’s the lowdown on PG and VG.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is a colourless, odourless synthetic organic compound which is found in many everyday consumable products. Research has thus far shown PG to be safe to both ingest and to inhale. Volatile compounds which contain PG have been associated with respiratory disorders but it is the glycol ethers in these compounds which are almost certainly the problem and not the PG. It should be noted that PG can adversely affect the immune systems of cats so you should be take care not to vape around felines!

PG can be an irritant to the throat and eliquids high in PG can cause you to experience a dry mouth and increased thirst. These symptoms usually ease as your body acclimatises to vaping. The advantage of PG is that it delivers a great throat hit and carries flavour well. if you are trying to quit smoking, you may find that it is high PG juice which best suits your needs. Eliquids which are high in PG are suitable for all devices.

Vegetable Glycerine

VG is a benign substance derived from vegetable oils. Adverse reactions to VG are extremely rare and so high VG juice is a good choice for vapers who have had issues with PG. VG is also the right choice for vegetarians as the manufacture of PG can involve animal products.

VG delivers a smoother throat hit than PG and superior vapour clouds but its naturally sweet taste means that it does not carry flavour quite as well as PG. Vegetable glycerine is also thicker than PG which means that it can reduce the life of atomisers because the coils become clogged. The small coils of clearomizers are particularly prone to this issue. Sub-ohm (low resistance) tanks cope well with high VG juice but these devices are only suitable for experienced vapers. High VG eliquids tend to feature lower nicotine strengths and so may not appeal to those who have recently quit smoking.

All About Nicotine

E liquids are available with a variety of nicotine strengths. If you have recently quit smoking or are trying to quit, you will probably favour the higher strength vapes, at least initially.  A strength of 16mg or 18mg is a good place to start. You can then begin to reduce the amount of nicotine in your juice. You will discover, however, that high VG e liquids tend to have nicotine strengths no higher than 6mg.

Whilst nicotine is considered safe to vape, it is a hazardous substance which should be handled and stored appropriately.

Nicotine Safety, Handling and Storage

Always check your eliquid bottles to ensure that they are not leaking. If there are any leaks, put on a pair of gloves and transfer the juice to a safe container. Wipe up any spills with a damp cloth. Nicotine is easily absorbed through the skin and is an irritant. If your juice does come into contact with your skin, wash it off immediately. In order to comply with the European Tobacco Product Directive, electronic cigarettes must now be leak-proof. But it is still possible to spill your juice when you are refilling your tank or clearomizer. Try to top up when you are not on the move to minimise the chance of a spill and take care not to overfill your tank.

Store your eliquids in a secure place which is out of the reach of children and pets. Nicotine is tasteless until it begins to oxidise. For this reason, any juice which you have had for a long period of time might start to taste a little strange and peppery.  The higher the nicotine strength of your eliquids, the quicker it will oxidise. The nicotine in your vape juice will remain tasteless for longer if stored in a refrigerator. But if you don’t have a fridge which you can dedicate to your juice, place your vapes in a lock box before putting it in the fridge to keep it away from little hands!

Remember that nicotine is a highly addictive substance. If you have never been a smoker, choose nicotine-free eliquids.