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How to Avoid Burnt Coils

The anticipation is killing you! You take what should be a satisfying puff and………. yuk! That allegedly fabulous e liquid tastes truly disgusting and your throat feels like the bottom of a bird cage! Do you have an issue with your coils? If your juice tastes sour and the back of your throat feels like it has been assaulted with sand paper, the chances are that your coils have burnt out. This isn’t exactly a life or death situation but it is certainly something to be avoided. Here’s how to vape wisely so you can savour that strawberry juice rather than feeling the urge to gag. Always Prime Your Coils When we say [...]

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Vaping Overseas – The Pitfalls for Travellers

There are now many vapers in the UK. So many, that vaping rarely raises any eyebrows. But it can be a very different story overseas. Some countries have placed restrictions on vaping and the sale of e liquids. Vaping is even banned in many countries. It is important to acquaint yourself with the law in your intended destination if you plan to travel with your gear and to vape whilst you are away. Here's what you need to know about travelling with your e cigarette and e liquids together with the latest information about where you can vape. Packing for Your Trip If you are travelling abroad, don't forget to take everything you [...]

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