The anticipation is killing you! You take what should be a satisfying puff and………. yuk! That allegedly fabulous e liquid tastes truly disgusting and your throat feels like the bottom of a bird cage! Do you have an issue with your coils?

If your juice tastes sour and the back of your throat feels like it has been assaulted with sand paper, the chances are that your coils have burnt out. This isn’t exactly a life or death situation but it is certainly something to be avoided. Here’s how to vape wisely so you can savour that strawberry juice rather than feeling the urge to gag.

Always Prime Your Coils

When we say always, we mean always! It’s a racing cert that dry cotton will burn when in contact with high temperatures and guess what your wick is made of? To make matters worse, if there is minimal juice keeping your wick dry, firing up your coils will result in any PG in your e liquid turning into formaldehyde. Trust us, formaldehyde tastes utterly foul. But don’t be too alarmed as you would have to vape a lot of it for this chemical to become a health issue.

When you first fill your tank or fit new coils, allow the juice to soak into your wick. You need to wait at least 10 minutes before you vape, regardless of the equipment you are using.

Keep Your Tank Full

If there is too little juice in your tank it may not reach the wicking ports. With so little juice in contact with the wick, absorption is slow and you will quickly run into problems. Keep a close eye on the level of juice in your tank and top it up regularly to reduce the likelihood of a burn out.


Hot vape coil

Hold Your Horses

That delicious juice may be making your mouth water but don’t get carried away! If you are vaping too quickly, you increase the chances of experiencing burnt coils. Pause for at least 30 seconds between vapes and be particularly cautious if you favour high VG e-liquids. VG takes longer than PG to be absorbed.

Choose Your E Liquids Wisely

If you have tried all of the above and you are still burning out your coils, it could be time to switch juices. Try a higher PG e liquid as it will be soaked up more quickly and perhaps dabble in a different flavour. Dessert and coffee e liquids often feature a high proportion of sweetener and this may caramelise and then clog up your coils. A gunky wick can’t soak up new juice so efficiently and the result could be – you’ve guessed it – that burning feeling.

Take Your Foot Off the Gas

High wattages will see you burning through your juice in double quick time. It might be necessary to step off the power to save your coils. If you struggle to establish the right power for your set-up, try switching to a mod with temperature control functionality. When you have failed to adequately soak your coil or your wick runs dry, temperature control will kick in and prevent your coil from firing. Temperature control could save you from yourself and preserve your coils into the bargain.

Burnt vape coils deliver such an unpleasant vape that once you have experienced it, you won’t want to subject your taste buds to a repeat performance!