The government has adopted a relatively liberal approach to vaping in the UK and thank goodness. This has contributed to a massive drop in the number of smokers nationwide. Sadly, the story is very different in many other countries. Even in the UK, there are numerous places where you cannot use your e cigarettes due to concerns over the effect on air quality and the impact on bystanders. But could vapour really adversely affect the air quality inside homes, offices and public places?

A recent study has confirmed that it does not!

American Research into Vaping and Air Quality

Conducted by San Diego State University, the study monitored a range of households to assess the impact of smoking, marijuana, frying food, burning candles and vaping on the air quality. Led by Dr. Neil E. Klepeis, the team of researchers set out to examine the risk to children of airborne pollutants. The effects of mitigating measures such as opening windows and deploying a cooker hood were also examined.

The researchers discovered that smoking, frying food and using chemical cleaning products all reduced the air quality in homes. The smaller the property, the worse the impact was. Mitigating factors did not influence the level of contaminants circulated in the air.

Candles Are More Polluting Than E Cigarettes

Smoking was found to be the most dangerous practice regarding air quality, no surprise there! But there was no measurable difference between the homes of vapers and homes where there were neither vapers or smokers. Cigarettes were the biggest contributor to high particulate levels, but marijuana, candles, incense burners and household cleaners were also contributing factors. In other words, vaping is safer for bystanders than cleaning the toilet or lighting a candle!

The researchers said, “We observed no apparent difference in the weekly mean particle distribution between 43 homes reporting any electronic cigarette usage and those reporting none.


Candles worse the e cigarettes

Vape Shop Tested

The level of pollutants has also been tested at a vape shop in the U.S. and a report was issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). The shop owner had been obliged to have the environment at the property tested as part of their Health Hazard Evaluation. Measurable levels of only two substances were found by the testers and both were at levels considerably below the permitted occupational exposure limit.

Even vape shops where e cigarettes are used all day have clean air!

Hearts and Minds

Tests on air quality are revealing that vaping does not pollute the environment and so poses no threat to non-vapers. It is important that the general public are made aware of the results as many people remain sceptical about the safety of vaping.

In spite of the fact that the research conducted thus far has revealed that vaping poses no threat to bystanders, many countries continue to take a hard line regarding vaping. One wonders how long it is going to take before the world wakes up and smells the coffee flavoured e liquid!