There are now many vapers in the UK. So many, that vaping rarely raises any eyebrows. But it can be a very different story overseas. Some countries have placed restrictions on vaping and the sale of e liquids. Vaping is even banned in many countries.

It is important to acquaint yourself with the law in your intended destination if you plan to travel with your gear and to vape whilst you are away.

Here’s what you need to know about travelling with your e cigarette and e liquids together with the latest information about where you can vape.

Packing for Your Trip

If you are travelling abroad, don’t forget to take everything you need in order to vape. It might not be as easy to obtain supplies in other countries as it is at home.

You will need your electronic cigarette, your charger, the correct plug adaptor for the country you are visiting, replacement coils and enough eliquid to last for the duration of your trip. It could be a good idea to carry a second device just in case you lose your gear or it develops a fault. A power pack may also come in handy so you can charge your device wherever you happen to be.

The International Civil Aviation Organisation has amended its instructions regarding the carriage of electronic cigarettes. You must now carry your external batteries or any mods with internal batteries in your hand luggage. This is because there have been incidents where batteries have caused fires aircraft holds. Everything else you need can travel in the hold. You might have to put some of your juice in the hold anyway due to the restrictions on liquids in hand luggage. It is worth keeping as much of your juice and equipment as you can in your hand luggage as hold luggage might end up on the missing list.

Make sure that your batteries are fully charged before you pass through security and place e liquids in a clear plastic bag for inspection. Security staff at UK airports and in many other countries will be familiar with vape gear.

Check the regulations of the airline you are travelling with before you leave home in case they have their own special rules.

Vaping on the beach

Vaping Gear and Flying

Due to the change in air pressure on a flight, your vape tanks can start to leak. It is best to empty your tank before you get on the plane or to store your device with the drip tip facing down. You could also put your tanks and bottles in separate plastic bags or wrap them with tissue to avoid spillages.

You cannot vape on a commercial aircraft. The smoke detectors in the toilets could be tripped by your vapour so don’t ever attempt to vape on board the plane. Airports have their own policies regarding vaping in the terminals. If in doubt, don’t vape inside the airport as you could find yourself in serious trouble. Some airports have smoking areas or booths where you are are permitted to vape but this inevitably means putting up with the smoke.

Vaping at Your Destination

It is vital that you check the laws of the country you are visiting before you leave home. Vaping is restricted in certain countries. The extent to which vaping is restricted varies but access to vaping supplies will certainly be limited and could be non-existent in these destinations.

Vaping is limited in the following countries:

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Hong Kong
South Africa

The limitations in these countries usually mean that e-cigarettes are considered to be medical equipment and so you should be permitted to bring your own products into the country for personal use.

Vaping is forbidden in many countries although forbidden generally means a ban on the import and sale of vaping equipment and e liquids. As a tourist, you may still be allowed to travel with and use your e cigarette.

The following countries could prove problematic:

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates

Travellers have reported that they haven’t experienced issues when vaping in Turkey, UAE, Uruguay and Egypt where vaping is supposed to be prohibited. But the story can be very different elsewhere. In 2015, a British Airways crew member was jailed in Qatar for carrying an e cigarette. In Singapore, vaping in public can lead to a fine of $200 and the confiscation of your equipment. Tourists in Thailand face up to 10 years in prison if they are caught vaping in the country.

Check and Double Check!

If you wish to enjoy a great holiday or a successful business trip it pays to check the available information. Look into the regulations of your airline and your country of destination to ensure that you don’t wind up in a great deal of trouble or having your gear confiscated!