Could Vaping Help You To Quit?

Are you trying to quit smoking but fear the misery? Have you failed before and don’t want to face failing again?

Here’s why vaping could be your route to success

The Toughest Challenge

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking will know just how hard it is. Most smokers want to kick the habit and have tried to do just that. But the vast majority will have failed. If you are reading this then you are probably one of them.

You have probably experienced fleeting successes but after a few weeks, days or hours you have crumbled and reverted to the ciggies. You have been left thinking that you must be weak and lacking in determination. But you’re not. All of the available statistics show that it is next to impossible to quit smoking unaided and that quitting aids only minimally improve your chances.

Cold Turkey

Quitting smoking unaided is extremely tough so what are your chances of success? The available evidence suggests that just 3.5% of attempts to quit cold turkey are successful.


The success rate for quitting smoking at the first attempt, regardless of which method is used, is a rather shocking 7%. Nicotine replacement therapy isn’t working!


Every year, approximately 40% of smokers try to quit their habit for at least one day. Many return to smoking in less than one day! How many times has this happened to you?

So, why do most people fail and why is vaping a game changer?

The Misery of Quitting Smoking

As nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man, it was always presumed that if you could give smokers an alternative source of nicotine they would be able to quit the fags. Pharmaceutical companies produced a wide range of quitting aids and most of these were in the form of nicotine replacement therapy.

But there were two big problems with this approach. The first issue was the unpleasant nature of the quitting aids. Nasty chewing gum and nicotine patches that both itch and leave red rashes did little to engender the feel good factor. But the biggest problem was the failure to understand that nicotine addiction wasn’t the only reason that smokers needed their ciggies.

Losing Your Crutch

Nicotine is an addiction but smoking is a habit. It is a ritual which provides reassurance. If you are smoker, you take your box of ciggies everywhere. When you feel the need, you can reach for them, light up and revel in the throat hit. You also have something to hold in your hands. Smoking also tends to become an important aspect of your social life. You meet your mates in the smoking area at work. You stand outside the pub chatting whilst you puff away. You enjoy the camaraderie.

When you try quit the habit, it feels like someone has kicked your crutch away. You crave the nicotine but that it is easy to replace. What you don’t have at your disposal are viable replacements for the throat hit and the ritual. Life isn’t the same anymore, you can’t think straight, you feel miserable and you would saw off your own leg for a hit. Smelly clothes, bad teeth, a cough and premature death actually start to look like much better options. Smoking is the lesser of two evils so you go back to the fags.

It should come as no surprise that you cannot cope without your ciggies.

How Many?

So, what proportion of smokers would like to quit? It’s an enormous 70% and that’s just the people who admit their ambition to give up.

Quit Young

If you can quit smoking before you are 30 years of age, you reduce your chances of dying prematurely from a smoking related illness by 90%.

Quit Now

It’s never too late to quit. Give up before you are 50 and you will reduce your chances of dying from a smoking related illness by a fab 50%.

Electronic Cigarettes

It took a smoker who was struggling to quit to come up with the solution. The man in question was a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik. He realised that those trying to quit needed a device which could deliver nicotine, create a throat hit and replace the ritual. There had been some previous attempts to produce such a device but they had all failed. Hon Lik persisted until he came up with a small device which actually worked. He had invented the first viable electronic cigarette.

The new devices became available in Europe in 2006 but the take up was initially slow. However, early adopters found that they could quit smoking using the e cigs and without the terrible misery. News started to spread and vaping became ever more popular.

Improved E Cigarettes

Over the past decade, vaping devices have become increasingly sophisticated. Safety has been improved and vapers now have a wonderful array of equipment and flavoursome eliquids to choose from. Vaping gives you choices and a viable alternative to smoking. You can focus on flavour with delicious vape juice, you can revel in vapour production with sub-ohm devices and you won’t smell of smoke, rot your teeth, age your skin and threaten other people’s health.

When you vape you have something to hold in your hands. You have a new ritual which is more interesting than the old one and you can still enjoy pleasant throat hits. You won’t turn to sugary treats to ease your craving so you might just avoid any weight gain. With lungs that start to work properly again, you could even get fit and shed a few pounds.

Getting Started

Interested? You will find all the information you need to start vaping here on this site. But we would much rather meet you in person! Pop into one of our four vape shops in Oxfordshire and we will help you to choose the right electronic cigarette and eliquid so you can start your vaping journey.